Friday, June 1, 2012

happy friday and just thinking...

ooooh, happy friday friends! after being away, taking care of my dad and going through what i have been through, what he has been through, this past month, i'm just enjoying the art of thinking this friday, and probably all weekend. my father passed away after a short illness (see my posts below) and so this weekend, i, instead of staying absorbed in the yuck that surrounds someone being sick or leaving you, i will remain thinking about all that is good, all of the laughs, all of the times i've cried but because he was there for me, i will remember his eyes, his face, his bad jokes. i will spend my weekend attempting to get inspired again, to get creative, to feel good again. to taste food again. to taste wine again. so here's a toast then, to all of you this weekend, whether you are going through yuck, or whether you are feeling fabulous (and i hope that is the case!), cheers to all of the good feelings.
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