Wednesday, June 13, 2012

buying a swedish home? check out fantastic frank.

why is there something so compelling, something so almost perfect about swedish interiors? utilizing simplicity in the utmost non~boring of ways. and then there's all of that light, and all of that white...

i happened upon this site, fantastic frank, through emma's design blog. fantastic frank is a swedish real estate company showcasing wonderful swedish exteriors and interiors and will certainly tempt you, if you are not already seriously tempted, to empty your bank account and head to sweden to scoop one of these spaces right up.

hey hey for wednesday. we are all half way through, or at least heading that way, with our week. i hope this mid~week wednesday finds you in a really good place or space or frame of mind. i'm still biting my nails to get my last final back from harvard and my final grade. i took a final, late, while tending to my dad in the hospital, so now i'm on egg shells hoping that my last grade of the semester is at least close to what i had hoped...i'll keep you posted....enjoy!

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