Thursday, May 31, 2012

suzusan & the art of shibori.

happy almost friday friends! i wanted to share with you today, the dreamy lighting of suzusan and the japanese art of shibori. as you can see, the two go together in a magical, ethereal and incredibly unique way...
shibori features lavish craft work, finishing textiles and fibers for a sculptural, playful and exciting result. add in that this technique is applied to lighting? and you have one happy designer/blogger (me) my friends!

the contemporist featured suzusan originally and i'm happy to have found this line of lighting. suzusan offers texture to any space, residential or commercial, with those concave and convex patterns emerging everywhere. with particular parts of the surface pulled, tied off, left alone to shine or manipulated to shine in a different kind of way, this lighting offers interesting, it offers that wow factor that you should be looking for, and yes, i said you should be looking for it!

what are you up to today? ah, can you believe i still am studying for a final? with my dad becoming sick i needed to reschedule a final at harvard, so i'm preparing today for that last leg of this semester. after that, i'll breathe a little easier. it's this saturday, so not long to wait. enjoy!

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