Saturday, May 5, 2012

rope lights. and in this setting too.

ooh, loving these natural and dangling rope lights with the naked & exposed bulbs. find them over at another fab find, atelier 688. there is something about a single, naked bulb that can be really so interesting and so simply beautiful. well, at least to me.

(especially those tungsten bulbs. they're my favorite bulb. old school. you can find them here.) oh, and then add in the textural aspect of rope? and you have yourselves a conversation piece my friends...
and i'm loving those lights in that setting too. and how cool is that writing on the boards? so cool, that's what!

how are you this saturday? i thought i was heading for an under the weather feeling weekend, but alas i've recovered nicely and feeling rested and ready to go! gobbling down ethiopian coffee and eggs. so all is good! enjoy...