Monday, May 7, 2012

random monday inspiration. spaces. artwork. thoughts.

this monday morning, i wanted to share with you just some random spaces, places, thoughts and moods that sum up my thoughts today, and where i'd like to be. from rough around the edges spaces, to polished and pretty. and everywhere in between. plus, 2 fab new finds, fox on the run's tumblr and for the home's pinterest. all chock full of gobs of inspiration. perfect for a monday morning and a way to get you going!
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somedays, having random things you like, putting them into one post, just about makes your day. these color palettes, spaces, thoughts and sensations are perfectly depicting my mood today & i love that!

i'm heading out for a run, then back to getting ready for my last final of the week! i hope this monday finds you inspired (even with random things!) and energetic and getting to it! enjoy...


Laura said...

Beautiful post and lovely blog! Would you like to keep in touch and follow each other?

LL_Designs said...

lovely blog :)