Wednesday, April 4, 2012

viaduct. more than meets your brief.

happy wednesday friends! i wanted to share with you a really fab find, a one~stop shop for tons of some of my favorite designers and product that i've featured here on avant garde design. viaduct, whose slogan is "so whatever your scale, taste, or constraints, you can find furniture and lighting which more than meets your brief." i love that...

viaduct is located in the uk, but hey, that's not far to shop for these kinds of finds, these kinds of designers and this amazing, super fresh product. i'm on a stool kick as of late. so many cool shapes, sizes, finishes and materials out there, that i want bunches of them sprinkled around my house, topped with all sorts of odds and ends.

how are you this mid~week? i'm scrambling as usual, but hey, the sun is out, i'm heading up to see my son at college later, on the way to my own courses. so that will make my day! i hope your day is beginning in a positive, really great way! enjoy ;)

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Sing said...

Nice selection here, clean and colorful.