Thursday, April 19, 2012

small space. box color.

happy almost friday friends! i wanted to share a cool space with you today, it's a small space, full of color boxes, clean lines, a quiet demeanor (despite the introduction of large blocks of color) and just a space i'd love to spend time in today. all day!

between the crisp lines, the addition of tons of natural light (which is a must, in any space in my opinion!) and the deep, and intense color palette throughout these spaces, this home offers reflective time, contemplative time and play time all rolled into one fabulous area. like i said, i could hang here all darn day long...

how are you today? i'm a touch sleepy from a late night in boston, but i have my work in front of me today too. beaucoup writing and reading is in store. i hope this almost friday finds you winding down your week, feeling good about it and has you excited for another weekend, enjoy!

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