Wednesday, April 18, 2012

sebastian herkner.

today, this mid~week wednesday, i'm drawn to the unique designs created by and offered up by sebastian herkner. though a young german designer, herkner is certainly attracting attention with his interpretation and transformation of "various contexts of society and culture" and implementing them "into new artifacts". oh, and those brass trimmed glass tables below, my absolute favorite!

i really love the slight distortion which herkner designs with. the slight bit of over~dramatization of shape and balance and skew. herkner's designs are intriguing, they are interesting. they make you tilt your head a little and think, hmmm, now that's a new way of looking at things. i love that!

ok, so i goofed off yesterday more than i should have. day back from a vacation does that to you. so, i have on my serious face today, i'm determined to get going, to get organized and productive regarding course~work. i'll let you know how it goes ;) enjoy....

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Sing said...

The first set of tables are awesome.