Saturday, April 7, 2012

saturday & the tap side table

happy saturday & weekend friends! i happened upon this fab find recently, a south korean company called monocomplex (another great company name!) the dictionary meaning of monocomplex is simplicity and complexity. these "tap" side tables, of painted birch and steel brushed with gold is a beautiful pairing of materials...a beautiful pairing of simplicity and complexity...

the cold and heavy image of bolts, of metals, "contrasts with the light and luxurious atmosphere of white and gold" and certainly offers a freshness to this piece.

i think i've been saying alot lately, that my new found love of side tables and stools is consuming much of my attention these days. this tap table offered up by monocomplex shows just how interesting and wonderful a take on an older idea or piece can be.

i'm off to pick out some easter goodies for my son, even though he's in college, he still looks forward to goodies. who wouldn't right? i hope you are already entrenched in a fabulous weekend friends, enjoy!!

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