Friday, April 27, 2012

robert adams. the place we live.

i think that if i saw a sign like this, i'd get in the right lane. photographer robert adams, featured on nowness, photographs the places we live, how we view them and perhaps most strikingly, reminding you to notice, when you're not. adams conveys tranquil landscapes, with paths to paradise, all the while kind of radically propositioning us, as curator of one of his shows, edward robinson states, to take more notice of the seemingly mundane circumstances of our lives.
i think what i really love about some artists, especially when they demand it perfectly, as adams does, is that you are not forced to see or to absorb or to entertain some new way of looking at objects or people or landscapes, but that you're reminded to just see them. you are gently reminded to just simply look. to notice. we drive, we work, we go about our lives and there is so much that should really stop us, that should captivate our attention. there is so much that should move us. photographers like robert adams remind us of that, in one simple photograph. i love that...

happy friday afternoon & evening friends.

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