Friday, April 20, 2012

pudelskern. it's all about texture this friday.

for a company whose mantra is "we strongly believe in the necessity to add more layers to design," pudelskern certainly lives up to their word. layers of texture, depth in color, unusual materials. pudelskern is all about the surface, what your eye first sets itself upon, then their product draws you in, with intense interest...

looking closely below, this wall treatment actually serves also as a coat rack with protruding little orbs to hold your coat, towel, just about anything. so cool...

so pudelskern even has a materials design lab. that's how focused they are on the levels possible to achieve the ultimate in surface design. it's all about texture this friday, it's all about amazing.

hey, hey! happy friday friends. what are you up to? what are your plans? i'd love to hear! i am working like mad this weekend on coursework as the end of my semester is in sight (am i caught up with everything? ah, no.) but in between the panic and the typing will be a run outside or two and a glass or red wine (or two)! i hope that wherever you are this weekend, whatever you do, that you make it just how you want it! enjoy ;)

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