Tuesday, April 3, 2012

para clocks. architecturally based design.

truth be told, i'm not a huge fan of clocks. another words, i have something against giant, looming time, hovering over me, around me, stressing me out in a way. i don't even wear a watch! but these architecturally designed, concrete wall clocks offered up by para clocks, grabbed my non~clock liking attention.

as if part of the design, ideas possibly generated from vintage building facades, french cathedrals, ornate antique buildings, para clocks has captured time in a way. and what a more perfect medium to capture time, than in concrete. stately, edgy, certainly strong. yet para clocks transform the medium of concrete, allowing a bit of femininity to show through in all of that intricate design.

so for me, for this "i don't have a clock anywhere in my home, on any wall" girl, these para clocks have me re~looking at how i judge time. and even more fun, how i view time. i love that!

off to get busy with more reading for papers. how is your tuesday starting off? i'd love to hear. also, are you a clock person or not? i'd also love to hear your opinion on that. for now, enjoy this tuesday morning friends!

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