Tuesday, April 17, 2012

i'm back! & being bright with softline.

hi friends, i'm back! from visiting with my dad over the long weekend in myrtle beach. fun was had by all and like i said, i ate too much, laughed alot and hit the beach for the perfect amount of time. the visit was much needed and i am so glad i had the opportunity to spend time with my dad. he's the best.

i wanted to begin my late start to my week on avant garde design, with these punchy, super fun & bright seating options offered up by softline. scandinavian inspired furniture, innovative, & a company and product line that is certainly not afraid to explore the possibilities, both with design and color.

it's seems that this year, color is what it's all about, from fashion to interior design. if you are in the market, either residentially or professionally, for daring, edgy design, and bursts of color into spaces that lack both feelings or moods, softline offers that.

this year for some reason, i'm letting more color into my design, both in my home and in my fashion choices. and let me tell you...i am a buy black, greys and neutrals kind of girl, especially when it comes to clothing. so i'm enjoying the lure of color this year. it's making me happy and i love that.

i hope that your week is starting off in a positive and inspiring way. it's warm in my part of the world today. i'll be studying outside for sure! enjoy...

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