Monday, April 23, 2012

chevalier edition rugs. very french, very fabulous.

happy monday friends! i wanted to share a fabulous new find, these "i can't even stand it these are so pretty" rugs offered up by the french company, chevalier edition.

i really like (no, love) what these rugs offer any space, residential or commercial. by their scale, color & design. these chevalier edition rugs are edgy, provocative, and are just that piece you are looking for to throw your space off, to interrupt it in an oh~so~good way. i've rounded up a few of my current fav's, have a look...

most of you know by now that i'm not a giant fan of wall to wall carpet. (ok, that's an understatement, sorry but it's true). but, what i am a huge fan of is rugs like these.

i love rugs on wood floors. why? because they are interchangeable, very non~permanent. you can move them, from one room to the next, you can change them out, enter in new rugs, new patterns, color palettes or textural elements to your spaces, at your heart's content. i love that!

how was your weekend? i hope it was just how you wanted it to be. my monday is starting off in the rain, but is supposed to end in the sun. i'm going to get in a run, ALOT of typing for papers. in between that, i might just ride my bike to the beach and see what treasures the storm kicked up last night ;) enjoy!

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