Wednesday, March 21, 2012

wednesday & anthologie lighting

ooh, i'm really intrigued and interested this wednesday in the array of lighting product offered up anthologie. from light color palettes, to metallic and bright, anthologie's menagerie of options is captivating.

anthologie pairs with a number of designers from a variety of locations, considering history, considering modernity and considering "individual design concepts that have never been seen on the market before."

anthologie offers other design objects and furniture as well as a host of fabulous lighting, but it's their lighting that had me at, well, amazing lighting. and these were a few of my real favorites.

how are you this mid~week wednesday? i'm biting my nails (well not literally) because i have a mid~term test in one of my graduate classes today. so i'm off to hit the books, the notes, the e-mail reminders of this and that. wish me luck! enjoy your day friends ;)

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