Sunday, March 4, 2012

sundays & buzzi space

happy sunday friends! i thought these cubes and poufs offered up by buzzi space (cool name & their website has a buzzing bee flying about) were super versatile and easy on the eyes. buzzi space is curious in that it offers up portable individual spaces too. by that i mean, intimate meeting places, cordoned off spaces, yet maintaining visual and sound privacy. if you are setting up a new office space or commercial meeting area, see more of what i'm talking about here.

but i really just love those cubes and poufs. a sweet little row of them in front of your couch, or at the base of your bed, perfect for draping, placing introducing just about anything on. and the colors are great! bonus...

we are back from enjoying french coffee and croissants & reading the paper at one of our favorite haunts. feeling pretty good right about now, i have to tell you. ;) i hope your sunday is starting out with great coffee & delicious food. enjoy!

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