Saturday, March 10, 2012

striped bedding & snow squalls

this striped bedding is to die for! or should i say, to dive right into ;) today we did just that. after heading out for chocolate croissants and french coffee, we grabbed a few to go (for my son when he woke up) and then jumped back into bed with full stomachs of sweet stuff.

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we just bought all new white bedding and at times it's like laying right smack in the middle of a cloud. i love that. but this striped bedding has me thinking too. i love their simplicity, & yet i also adore how just a few stripes can really add interest and change the dynamic of your bedroom. kind of like all white cloud bedding can.

after we were home for a short time, a snow squall came through, lots of wind and white~out conditions. so pretty, we layed in bed looking out at the giant fluffy flakes. happiness is! i hope your saturday is just as sweet as chocolate croissants, pretty bedding and snow squalls. enjoy!

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Zoe said...

Where is the black & white striped bedding from? I love it