Thursday, March 1, 2012

sneaky peeks of color.

happy almost friday friends! these sneaky peeks of color, well, wait, some are really bold but that's ok! these drew me in today. my skies are grey and rainy so these vibrant, tropical, neon colors were just what i needed today, to provide energy and inspiration. this post is from an older design sponge that i happened to just stumble over, check out the entire post here.

the color placement, in large amounts or small, swathed walls or tiny accent pieces, these colors i could live with, especially that sky/ocean blue. definitely a favorite. forever. oh, and have you guys been as drawn to hot pink lately as i have?

i swear i'm about to grab a spray can and coat something in hot pink. and soon. i have a modern metal chandelier that a friend gave me. that might be hot~to~trot pink soon. real soon! ;) enjoy...

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