Saturday, March 3, 2012

saturdays & natural nature

how wonderfully natural these two finds are. the photography is from fabian bjornstjerna and the terrarium is from atlas industries. as i enjoy my coffee this morning, looking outside, at these tones, the rain, the moss, the browns and greens of it all, i'm enjoying this mid~morning mood.

plus, i'd reeeaaaallly like one of those terrariums in my little cottage. maybe in the kitchen, somewhere unexpected. so great!

so how are you bye the way? cooking right now in our kitchen is home~made homefries (so much better than restaurant homefries), made with red creamer potatoes, creole magic spices (my dad sends it to us from tennessee, soooo good!), and eggs, fried well & browned with gorgonzola cheese and a few drips of hot sauce (don't knock it, it's a great combination!), a grilled sesame bagel and to wash it down...freshly ground ethiopian coffee. am i making you hungry? i'm making myself hungry ;) enjoy your morning everyone, no matter what you are eating this morning!

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