Saturday, March 31, 2012

saturday & simone viola design.

i'm delirious today over the industrial design of simone viola. there is a sexy fluidity to viola's work. sensuous, flowing, tempting and simply intoxicating.

each piece is strong, yet soft, with all of those smooth edges, rounded corners and melting character. viola was born in switzerland studied in milan. viola specializes in both industrial design, with offerings such as these, to interior design, equally as eye catching and heart pounding.

i'm back from my french coffee & croissant run. my son, home for the weekend from college, when he wakes, will have chocolate croissants waiting for him. i love to surprise him and to treat him. and let me tell you, these croissants are a real treat, so delish! i hope that this saturday finds you enjoying something sweet too. enjoy!

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