Monday, March 26, 2012

monday & richard lampert outdoors

i wanted to share with you this monday, this fresh start to a brand new week, a very summer~y, very fresh line of outdoor furniture offered up by richard lampert. easy, breazy comfortable. i'm drawn to the simple sensibility of lampert's summer~y product line, the natural nature of it.

and that tall chair, similar to a life guard stand? imagine that on a beautiful property, with any kind of fabulous view, whether it be the beach, or the mountains or a lake? you'd be alone up there and lost in outdoor thought. i love that!

my thoughts are running toward the outdoors lately. we've had bursts of spring (almost early summer bursts in boston) and that's turning my attention to outdoor options, color palettes, materials and style. it feels good to direct attention to outdoor thoughts. winter is nearing and end and right about now, i'm ready to hit one of those lampert lounge chairs, or that tall look~out chair and take in the air, take in the view. aaah, i can feel it now ;)

i hope your weekend was amazing, relaxing, productive or just about how you wanted it to be. i was relaxed, lost in thought, sipping red wine, reading and running. it was all good. enjoy!

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