Friday, March 16, 2012

mid~day nature inspired

these wooden stools by riva and that trellis designed by emilie colin garros that you could place positively anywhere are perfectly inspiring the natural in me this afternoon.

one of my favorite aspects of design are when they center, emerge from or incorporate nature or natural materials. it feels that, when this is conquered, it grabs us, we are familiar with a piece instantly. we are drawn to it easily. i love that!

speaking of nature & getting outdoors, i run all winter long, & spring and autumn. during the summer months i can't run alot because for some reason, i get super over heated and feel sick all day. so, i've been enjoying getting outside, enjoying an abnormal new england weather pattern, and running and running. feels so good! i hope this mid~day friday finds you feeling good too. and getting excited for your weekend ahead. tell me what you are up to this weekend, i'd love to hear! enjoy...

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