Monday, March 12, 2012

happy monday & studio ziben

polish designer mariusz malecki founded studio ziben in 2009 with the philosophy that "furniture and design objects evolve from personal associations and images." malecki also loves when "opposites attract, come together and compliment each other." recycling also plays a large role in studio ziben's designs. you can tell, but you can also tell that each piece has a unique character and style. perfect, because we as consumers also have our own unique character and style...

in my opinion, studio ziben and malecki's designs cross between a vintage, gently worn character with cross sections of art nouveau and abstract minimalism. all making for exceptional and very interesting pieces. whether placed in residential or commercial spaces, studio ziben adds fun, their pieces add texture and interest. and that is so great!

hi friends! how was your weekend? my son has been home from college, so i've been slacking off, hanging out and stuffing him full of home~made dinners ;) he's loving it. we are planning an ikea trip this week, among our sleeping in late and goofing off. i hope your weekend was full of relaxing moments as well as fun...enjoy!

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