Wednesday, March 28, 2012

the coral pendant from arturo alvarez

i've always loved, as many of you have, the lighting design of arutro alvarez. this mid~week wednesday, i'm enjoying his very new line of "coral" pendants. utilizing a silicone mesh, allowing for texture, volume, & slight transparencies, alvarez takes you under the sea, captivates you with organic coral~esque shapes, reminding you of the beauty that lives below.

placed either singularly or clumped in bunches, hung at the same height, differing heights, alvarez's coral pendants instantly transform any home's space. commercially, alvarez's pendants lend themselves to bedrooms, swanky lounge areas or restaurant windows, looking out toward the sea. your sleeping, dining, sipping wine experience, or just your cooking dinner at home experience has become just a little more exotic when incorporating this lighting. don't you think?

how are you this mid~week? i'm running on a little lack of sleep, so i'm trying to drink alot of water, rejuvenate where i can, and muddle through. i'm hoping by the end of the week, that i'm feeling as if i've accomplished much of what i'm trying to, for courses and in daily ol' life ;) enjoy...

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