Thursday, March 15, 2012

almost friday & the selby

this almost friday, i thought i'd feature some new favorite shots from around the selby. if you're not familiar with the selby, the site is put together by photographer todd selby, a portrait, interiors and fashion photographer and illustrator. he really features some out of the ordinary people and the spaces they create. here are some current fav's, all bits and pieces from here and there homes...

such instant eye~candy right? from the details people place, add up, arrange in their spaces, to color palettes chosen, or not, to incorporating eclectic to living in a more minimalistic way. i could literally ogle the interiors of others all day. we are all so unique and so are our choices in how we adapt to or live in our spaces. i love that!

how are you this almost friday? well, i'm eating captain crunch out of the box, dry. don't ask, it was on sale and i couldn't resist ;) ok, i could, but i didn't want to. also, i'm getting ready to clean the house and put up my new white very gauzy spring curtains i happily found from ikea. can't wait. i hope that today is already starting off with a positive bang for you! enjoy....

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