Tuesday, February 14, 2012

valentine's color therapy

happy valentine's day friends! i'm inspired today by all the reds and pinks that valentine's day conjures up, especially when it's related to design. incorporating reds & pink to interiors, residential or commercial, adds sweet, it adds sexy, it adds that punch of " oooh, this space is officially now alive!" i love that!

here is a small round~up of some spaces, places, things and do~it~yourself ideas that grabbed me by the heart~strings today ;)

these spaces, with their intense pops of pink & red grab you, the draw you in, they offer up some fun and some pizazz. these fun spaces found via daily icon. (also a fab site for pure inspiration!)

how hot is this seating, designed by peter hertel & sebastian klarhoefer for bla station? red hot, that's what!

between the purple headboard and red lamp, i'm valentine's sold! from ana kras.

who doesn't love an easy do~it~yourself project!? especially when it involves hearts. this fuzzy, fluffy elbow patch project is so super sweet, here.

do it yourself origami pink heart page marker, here.

throughout the day today i may be inspired to post a few more valentine's inspired favorites. for now i hope your valentine's day is starting off in some sort of romantic way. i'm on my way to meet a friend and her 2 beautiful little girls for coffee & chocolate croissants at a french bakery, treating myself this valentine's day. treat yourself sweetly today too! enjoy...

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