Sunday, February 19, 2012

sundays & shift

this sunday, as my really sweet city get~away seems a distant memory, (and whilst i sip my coffee and get ready to dive into course~work and reality), i'm so very drawn to these sensational sideboards offered up by pastoe & designed by scholten & baijings. oh, and i love, love, love their tables too.

scholten & baijings's designs are dreamy, unobtrusive, practical and minimalistic. the designers state that they "make use of grids, light fall and graphic surface divisions." yes, they do that, and they do that very well.

we are in the midst of a long weekend in my part of the world. (yeah for long weekends!) so we are taking advantage of time spent together, lounging, getting caught up on things, and letting things go. so great! i hope your sunday morning is beginning in a really relaxing way. enjoy!

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