Saturday, February 11, 2012

oluce. italian innovation

happy weekend friends! most of you know i'm a complete lighting junkie. alot of my design research definitely focuses on and is ultimately drawn toward lighting. this company, oluce, one of the oldest and still in operation in italy captured my heart and my imagination today.

oluce's lighting seem to resonate, they glow mysteriously yet very warmly. they are modern & vogue. they are spins, off of classic & structured design. this lighting doesn't fight the space, whether placed indoors or out. they compliment the space, they accentuate the space, giving it life and quietening the space when it is time. really lovely lighting.

we took a walk in the snow this morning before breakfast. the snow is steady falling and light, but not predicted to accumulate too much in my area. it's just enough to be pretty and wintry. we are hunkering in. how is your saturday friends? i'd love hear! enjoy...

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