Tuesday, February 7, 2012

gang design tube lights

i'm struck today by how interesting and creative these glass tube chandeliers offered up by gang design are and more interestingly, how creative they can be...either left empty or filled with anything, from flowering buds, to greens to colored water, you name it, this chandelier is different, it is unique, each and every time you change it up.

left empty, the cascading rows of glass tubes shimmer like icicles in the sun. filled, this chandelier becomes something else, it takes on another personality and glow, depending on how it's manipulated. i have to ask...what would you do here? would you leave the glass tubes alone? or would you have a little (or alot!) of fun with this gang design light? if you would add something to the tubes, what would you add?

me? my mind races with possibilities. i think i would have fun with it at times and at times leave it alone, to let the glass shine all on its own. but, as far as the fun part goes, my imagination leans toward colored sand, either different colors or all one color sand. or perhaps i'd dip the glass tubes in paint, like shown here on designlovefest's site & a really fabulous do it yourself project! for a party, maybe i'd fill them with confetti, or glitter. how fun would that be? so fun, that's what! enjoy....

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