Wednesday, February 15, 2012

feld. simple but evolved typologies

i really like this company, feld. their product is not complicated, its easy on the eyes, blends well into any environment, residential or commercial yet it's sophisticated and pulls at those "hey, look at me, i'm doing things just a little bit differently" strings. i love that!

that cactus coat rack above? how fun is that? like i said, plunk any number or even one of feld's pieces in any space and you certainly have an element of intrigue, and as feld notes, you have functional yet emotional added value. if you can get emotional about design, then in my book, you are there my friends!

happy mid~week wednesday! how is your week going? mine has been busy, but really positive. i'm off today to open an 8 million dollar home for the realtor to show it to a prospective client. yeah, i said 8 million. fun for me, to pretend, even for a few short minutes as i turn on the lights and the heat and open all of the blinds to reveal amazing ocean views, that it is mine ;) enjoy!

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Bobby said...

Really cool stuff! I'm still trying to figure out what a couple of these actually are, but the rest all looks great!