Friday, February 10, 2012

city furniture. & it's friday!

happy friday friends! i wanted to share with you, a fab new find, city furniture. city furniture is chock full of unique finds, designer pieces, obscure items, mod, vintage, and everything in between. it's an on line consignment company, you peruse their pages, you buy, and they ship, (or they state you can use your own carrier choice as well), and though they are out of belgium, they utilize carriers that ship to anywhere. here is a small round~up of some of my favorite things....

if you're a sideboard junkie, then city furniture is for you. they have one of the largest and most unique array of sideboards. and if you are looking, in either your residential or commercial space for a "wow" piece, or that really something different piece, or maybe an older piece to throw off all of your new & recent purchases, then city furniture is a great stop.

what do you have planned for your upcoming weekend? i'd love to hear! i am waaaaayyyy behind on sleep, so catching up is first priority. then my face will be immersed in books most of the weekend for catching up with course requirements. in between a run (or walk in the snow depending on how much we get this weekend, a small amount is predicted), sipping red wine slowly, eating more than i should and so then, another run ;) enjoy!!

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elizabeth said...

i'm in love with that sofa! how wonderful!