Wednesday, February 29, 2012

bsweden. light bright lighting.

this wednesday i wanted to share a fab new find, bsweden & their lighting design. incorporating a mixture of hand~made glass, alongside plastics, textiles & stainless steel, well, you now have yourselves a cross between super bright, super soft but all in all, super fun lighting.

as i perused bsweden's site and product line, i was reminded of the light bright sets i played with when i was young, and when my son was young. the uber bright colors, coming alive, resilient, mesmerizing. so many options for placing bsweden product, from residential to commercial. the lace/doily~esque lights for a bakery or cupcake boutique come to mind.

i find bsweden complex and yet drawing on simple forms or material ideas, such as doilies, lace, and colored saran wrap. friends, there are so many material influences out there, including those little plastic pegs you pushed through paper in that old light bright board. i love that! ;)

have a great start to this middle of the week wednesday. i'm off to attempt to sit still and catch up on some reading for class later. i'm crossing my fingers i don't run into beaucoup snow on my way up, yikes! enjoy...

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Callie Grayson said...

:) lite bright!, I so remember those.
I really like that flat acrylic lamp in the fun colours
Hope you are doing well!