Wednesday, January 18, 2012

slamp. a serious crush.

flowing, mysterious, adaptable, witty, cheeky, experimental...this is just a small portion of what is on slamp's values list. i've been a (big) fan for a while now of slamp's products. having burst onto the design market in 1994, slamp dove head first into an innovative design line and intense marketing of their lighting. getting the word out, bigtime. have a look at some of my favorites...

i've said it before. i love pushing boundaries with design. new takes on older intentions. drawing on classic shapes yet expanding on those ideas, tempting the product, the designer and eventually the client into new territory. it's all very exciting!

hello wednesday! how are you today friends? it's sunny in my part of the world today, so that's the first bonus of the day. i'm preparing my son for heading back to college after a really great christmas break. i'm deciding today on last minute course selections of my own for this semester and in between, trying to finish a great book i'm reading. it's on my blog sidebar right now if you are interested in history of the american south at all. enjoy!

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Callie Grayson said...

I love the pendant reminds me of an upside down flower
It's sunny here too but very very very cold!!!