Friday, January 6, 2012


happy friday friends! i wanted to share with you today a company i found, strangely enough via an australian home magazine called inside out (one of my fav's). but what's even better is that this company, ochre, is located in none other than new york city. yeah for that, bigtime! ochre offers exquisite home furnishings, not overdone, just simply exquisite.

i have to begin by telling you that ochre is not only amazing, but that you should see the owner's personal living space in new york which inside out featured. the interior color palette was swathed in rich, subdued tones. absolutely hands down, one of the most beautiful spaces i've come across in some time. i could have moved right in...(some of these images are from their personal living space).

from the small or amazingly oversized mercury glass mirrors, to their assortment of unique chandeliers (my absolute favorite product at ochre!), to their selection of upholstery choices, ochre would be my one stop in new york, my first stop for home furnishings, nevermind how the mind wanders for ochre products in commercial spaces, that's another post!

what are your plans this weekend friends? i'd love to hear! we are having the bathroom in our cottage re-tiled so we'll be cleaning up that mess first. then i'm looking forward to time with my son whose home from college still and getting out for a run or two as the temps in new england are supposed to be mild, yeah for that! wherever you go this weekend, whatever you do, enjoy!


Sing said...

These are really cool.

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