Monday, January 30, 2012

muse. deconstructed spaces

happy monday friends! this weekend i stumbled upon this site, muse magazin. have you been to visit it yet? it's really chock full of new inspiration. but what i really noticed and what i really loved was the way the site features rather deconstructed spaces. by that i mean that the spaces appear that things, furniture, artwork, just stuff in general has been removed from the spaces, leaving behind, clean environments, lots of gigantic artwork. it's as if they space has been left, well, just perfect.

sometimes we feel the overwhelming need to just go ahead and fill spaces, every inch, every bit of wall or table space. sometimes i think spaces are perfectly just left alone, to their own devices, to just featuring a fabulous piece you've brought in, a couch, unique chairs, or as in many of these, amazing artworks. sometimes you have to just stop and leave the spaces alone. deconstruct them.

how was your weekend? mine was relaxing and inspiring. i'm ready for the week ahead, for course work, for tons of reading and for getting productive things done and done well! i hope your monday is starting off with a positive glow. enjoy!

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