Tuesday, January 3, 2012

lzf. very special lights for very special people.

the special people are you! exclusively made out of veneer, lzf constructs lights with life, with energy & spice. i just love what these lamps do to any environment, residential or commercial, they soften it, they liven it, they can be explosive in element or capture the moment, radiating warmth. have a look...

there is something special about these lights...they are so easy on the eyes, on any space, they offer movement, a sense of surprise and excitement. the way in which they're shaped, the flow and the bended nature is organic and natural. add in the natural material, the element of softened wood and you have one spectacular piece.

we are back at it this week, designing working, inspiring and being inspired, all of us, me and you. how is your week starting out? i feel some new found energy, some positivity that has me excited and happy. i hope you are too ;) enjoy!!

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