Friday, January 20, 2012

happy friday! & i like these.

yeah for friday! we've made it to the end of another great week. i wanted to share today some "i like these things". from new blog shout~outs to fashion (as in i want that whole outfit including her hair) to quirky and lovely. have a look...

this fab new blog find

this look

these wall panels

these plates & vessels

this hand~made graph paper

this bloom

and those blooms

don't you just love it? finding new things you like. oh, i do! what are your weekend plans? i'd love love love to hear!

i am having lunch sunday with some old friends (as long as it doesn't snow too much, it's in our forecast), getting in a run (again, if the snow stays away), making a dinner. yup, you heard me. and i am not a huge preparer of food (that's an understatement) but! when i set my mind to it, i manage to wow those around me. i've also been watching cooking shows later in the day and i'm feeling inspired (i mean brave) ;) enjoy...


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