Tuesday, January 31, 2012

fambuena. a romance of space, shape & light

this tuesday, i wanted to share with you a really fabulous lighting source, fambuena. the first thing that struck me while perusing their product line was the way in which their lights appear dressed, for a party. from the look of an old fashioned hoop skirt, to a 1920's flapper dress to fancy hair up~do's, fambuena's shades evoke a flashy, flirty, party atmosphere to me. just so really fun!

it's exciting to see (or sense) things like that in objects such as lighting or furniture. one single fambuena light, or a cluster, whatever you feel is needed for your space, whether it's residential or commercial, these lights add flair, they add drama, they add alot of fun to the space. i love that!

i woke to milky skies today, snow seems on the horizon although i think it's supposed to miss my part of the world today. i'll take advantage by indulging in another mild air run today. i hope your tuesday is starting off with a little flair ;) enjoy...

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Callie Grayson said...

You always find the best lighting!
Snow! The weather is soooooo very strange here, it should be snowing and cold at about 15 degrees but no it's sunny and in the 50's! It feels like spring!!