Saturday, January 21, 2012

expormim. indoor & outdoor life

hey! happy saturday/weekend friends. if you don't live in a warm part of the world/country, are you dreaming of warmer days right about now? no? well then, i'll do it for you today! i can't help it. it's snowing here this morning. and at the same time i stumbled upon expormim, a sexy, modern outdoor furniture company. the outdoor furniture won my imagination over this morning. now...we're do i want pretend to be? ;)

i am drawn to expormim's style and design first, but almost at the same time, i'm eager to unwind & relax in their woven textured pieces and soothing color palettes. expormim describes their approach to design as "a benchmark of emerging trends." i love that! expormim's pieces welcome the sunlight. it streams right through each and every piece. just beautiful.

how is your saturday starting out? what do you have planned for today? i'd love to hear! we just inhaled chocolate croissants from one of our favorite bakeries. the bakery is actually french and so yes, the croissants are beyond delish. a real weekend treat. i hope your saturday morning is starting out just as sweet. enjoy!

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