Thursday, January 12, 2012

dix heures dix. all in white.

dix heures dix, a french company of lighting design, strives for "exceptional aesthetics and efficient lighting effects." dix heures dix produces shades in color as well, but for me, the white was all i needed. the white to me best captured what dix heures dix is going for, it best captures the true evocative nature of these lights.

(all photos courtesy of dix heures dix)

i'm drawn to not only the form of dix heures dix's pieces, i'm drawn to just how the light escapes, how it is held in. the pieces are subtle, rather secretive and more than intriguing. i love that!

happy almost friday friends! what's on your plate for today? it's pouring down rain in my part of the world. this calls for a second cup of coffee ;) enjoy!

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