Wednesday, January 4, 2012

designing in tile.

i love the thought of designing with different mediums, from wood to metals to tile. tile to me, offers a unique textural experience when placed in any space, residential or commercial, indoors or outdoors. there is something so natural yet so artistic about designing with tile.

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travertine tiles offer an array of fine tiles, for indoor or outdoor ideas. travertine floor tiles are expressive, artisitc and durable. imagine dark and moody black marbled tiles, in a kitchen or bathroom? or effect tiles, that offer a wood or stone effect? or how about all white subway tiles to create an ethereal, clean, crisp atmosphere? the possibilities are really endless! whether considering indoor or outdoor spaces, tile offers and creates an expressive, dramatic presence.

either creating amazing patterns or simply left to its own natural pattern, the versatility and complex nature of tile is fabulous for use in designing. travertine tile flooring offers an array of interesting choices.

think texture, think of utilizing the many different mediums out there when designing your spaces, tile can be an exceptional choice! enjoy...

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