Wednesday, December 7, 2011

zeitraum. i like their looks.

in my sights lately are great chairs, with simple seats and lines, soft color palettes, understated and gorgeous. zeitraum doesn't disappoint with their line of intriguing seating. have a look at these and more...
these occasional tables, some hollow, some topped in a more solid way, each with these terrific wooden bases are just interesting. move them around, fill one with long beautiful branches, top one with beautiful things you collect. maybe a small silver or gold tray on top, filled with a few accessories to add even more interest, texture and dimension? like i said, really fun!

this little daybed/lounger? elegant, classic, & simply great. spruce it up (or spice it up) with a vibrant colored throw or pillows.

man oh man am i enjoying little tables and stools lately. from metal side tables to chunky & rough cut shapes. these are somewhere perfectly in between. and that bright yellow had me at, well, at bright yellow ;)

loving the look of this very grand, yet understated chandelier, chock full of shades, stacked in a rigid way but evoking a very soft glow and feel.

these nightstands offered up by zeitraum, piece them together on either side of an amazing bed (or couch?), really great in a commercial setting as well.

i love these end tables, clump them, use one singularly, i love the mobility of zeitraum's pieces.

zeitraum is one of those companies that i find i just can't pick one thing, that it would have to be more than one (or two!). definitely easy on the eyes product, from lighting to seating, oh, and did i mention they have beds? ah, yeah. so there really is more!

hey, hey, it's wednesday! we've landed just fine at this middle of the week. today is rainy and that's ok, as long as it doesn't turn to snow during my drive home from class later. ;) i can handle the rain since my christmas lights are up, they offset the gloom. enjoy your day, i hope it's positive and creative!

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L'Atelier said...

wow! another encredible find-- what i would do for the lounger/daybed thing.... i wouldnt care what to call it as long as i could call it mine - sigh!
we have rain too today :(-- in the middle of whats supposed to be summer! hope you enjoy the rest of your week