Saturday, December 31, 2011

yeah for the new year!!

friends, the new year is upon us, it is now!

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i myself have had very good things happen to me in the past year. i graduated from harvard (and am lucky enough to be almost half way through my master's degree), my son started college, loves it and is doing well,and everyone is super healthy. bonus! i've also met so many new friends and clients throughout the blog world and i'm beyond thankful for that as well! but still, i'm ready for a clean slate to a fresh new year. i have a good feeling about this one friends, i think it's going to be beyond amazing!

what are your plans for tonight? to celebrate? we still haven't decided yet! torn between staying in and lying low or celebrating with friends. wherever you go, whatever you do, happy new year and enjoy!!! i'm throwing you all a big hug and a cheeky kiss, for a healthy, happy new year!