Friday, December 9, 2011

woka. reproducing classical icons.

there is something very special about woka's lighting, they bring history to life, while carefully considering the historical periods of art, from the gothic, baroque and renaissance periods, the language of ornamental design and its appeal to the masses.

in a way, the vienna based woka's lighting, whether thick and masculine or wispy like palm leaves, in a very feminine manner, also evoke period pieces of jewelry, large opulent pearls, heavy, weighty gold, rich tones and styles. i'm drawn to the nostalgia that these lights convey, modern clashing with historical patterns and influences. woka's lights certainly make for interesting pieces, whether placed in a residential or commercial space. statement pieces, similar to the artistic eras they portray.

happy friday friends! as you breathe a sigh of relief from a busy week, what are you most looking forward to this weekend? we are putting our christmas tree up, YEAH! a little earlier than we usually do (last year, i swear we put it like 2 days before christmas, crazy!) so i'm really looking forward to sipping some wine, listening to christmas music or jazz and lighting up that tree. wherever you go, whatever you do this getting ready for christmas weekend, enjoy ;)

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