Tuesday, December 6, 2011

to the moon.

did you guys here on the news this morning that scientists have discovered a plant (millions of light years away, i forget how many millions, but alot!) that is so similar to earth that it could sustain life? whoah! ok, that's pretty cool. with that story on the brain, and after perusing in-es.artdesign's site, this lunar collection of lighting seemed appropriate and fabulous for today's post. have a look...

from floor lights to tiny tree lights to amazing pendants and unique chandeliers, this lunar collection glows, it makes a definite yet quiet presence to the spaces it occupies. i could easily place one or a cluster of these in any residential or commercial space. imagine an amazing bar or lounge area with these softly glowing lights strewn about, dangling overhead, illuminating the floor next to you and your glass of wine? ah, yeah, that's what i'm talking about ;)

how is your tuesday starting out? i'm feeling positive and ready for some new challenges today. another run, outside in these amazing autumn temperatures will surely get me going...enjoy!


Sing said...

Ohhh I want one, so cool. I like the ones sitting on the floor.


W COnklin said...

I love these. So unique and elegant.