Wednesday, December 14, 2011

pretty in black and white.

what is it lately about everything looking so beautiful in stark black and white? i'm loving the clean combination. here are a few recent fav's...

it seems you cannot go wrong bringing in either a black or white piece or that wonderful, always interesting mixture of both to your residential or commercial spaces (or into your wardrobe for that matter!) black & white is somehow always edgy, always timeless, sexy and intriguing. what about you? do you own anything so very black and white? i'm in the mood to pick up (or paint) a piece myself and soon! ;)

ok, i'm talking to myself here, but i have finishing touches on one last paper for this semester of graduate work. i can do this thing! i'm off to get busy, enjoy your day everyone!!

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Sing said...

I just love black and white decor.