Thursday, December 8, 2011

pretty gift ideas...

while noticing some of my favorite blogs, like belle maison's and others, posting great holiday gift ideas, i wanted to share a few of my recent favorites, all of them interesting and spectacular, have a look.

i'll begin today's post with an amazing pendant lamp and end it with another. each made from recycled materials. this, the "bean" pendant lamp, offered up by graypants, is made from 100% recycled scrap (or re~purposed) cardboard boxes. they are even fire resistant, my favorite is the jupiter lamp below this one. find your favorite here, oh...and starting at $129.00, they are priced right too ;)

castle, who i love for cushions and bedding, especially because i LOVE circles and they have lots of them, is offering up these limited edition acrylic pieces. this one in particular i loved because of the simplicity of form and the sparkle in the paint. lots of circles for you organic shape lovers! see alot more here.

totokaelo has some pretty amazing scarfs. sling them, wrap up in them, tightly or loosely, i love every one of them. especially this black cotton jersey number. how soft! they are here.

i love toast's products for gift giving, especially their line of seasonal blankets! from stripes to plaids, i want one of each. cozy up to some here.

how pretty is this large leather bow cuff offered up by leif? so pretty, that's what! and they have a skinnier version too! oh, and different colors to boot. find your favorite here. easy on the pocket book, pretty on your wrist ;)

how about this pretty artecica pendant lamp, designed by paula artntzen for all modern. made from post~consumer tyvek. when lit, this lamp emits a "soft checkerboard glow." gorgeous (and pretty reasonably priced!) find it here.

maybe i'll do a post like this once a week or so until christmas, as i continue to find fabulous product while also keeping in mind affordability of course. so check back for more interesting, outside the mall, gift ideas from avant garde design. ;)

happy almost friday friends! i'm excited that it's sunny in my part of the world, as i drove home last night from class in pea soup fog and driving rain. a white knuckle drive at times! today is crisp, sunny and breezy, perfect to spur an energy packed day. enjoy!!

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