Friday, December 23, 2011

happy days before christmas!

i'm sharing a couple of favorite creations from artists that have my attention lately. have a look...

the soft nature and playful patterns from up in the air somewhere's ceramic line has me wishing for a whole cabinet of their product. see more of up in the air somewhere's goodies, here.

i'm currently drawn to the artwork of greg lamarche. his use of line and every day shapes and color to convey spaces intrigues me. this, his bar code city is one of my favorites. see more of greg's work here.

ooh, i'm getting excited for christmas, i'm getting excited to bake my bread today. i'll be sure to share pictures and the recipe later for anyone who is interested. i'm attacking the bread this morning. it's raining here, the skies are grey, but my christmas tree is bright. so, a perfect bread baking day!

happy friday friends! happy days before christmas ;) i know that everyone is baking, rushing around etc. but try to enjoy this time of year, grab a glass of wine later, plunk on the couch, put your feet up! enjoy...

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Callie Grayson said...

I too would love some of the ceramic pieces in my cabinet! So pretty