Friday, December 2, 2011

friday! & purcell living.

happy friday friends! i'm not sure where to start in explaining how excited i am at finding this los angeles based company purcell living. each and every piece wowed me and had my mind wandering from residential to commercial ideas. from swanky, sexy bars and lounges, commercial spaces, to penthouse, to miami beach house, (to my own house), residential spaces. have a look...

it's been quite some time since i felt that i've seen a really unique lounge~type of chair, one that has stopped me, one that i'd feel that, if i purchased it for myself or a client, that i've found something really different. the "cuscino easy chair" is one of those pieces. "inspired by vintage luggage trunks and is the perfect marriage of tradition and modernity."

this "stingray" ottomon is one of my favorite purcell pieces. for the drama and complete flair that it adds to this, or any space. the movement of it would add something special to any residential or commercial space. just gorgeous! oh, and it's available in 2 sizes and there is a model suitable for outdoors, can you imagine?
"clean lines and elegance," describes beautifully this "bias side table."
are you in the market for a change to your work space, and in particular your desk? if your office space invites clients, business contacts etc. in, then this "jfk desk" ("inspired by the sweeping arcs of eero saarinen's jfk terminal 5 at jfk's international airport") would make some kind of statement.

the "bias hooded chair" is "inspired by the angular surface planes created in crystalline structures." dramatic and bold. imagine utilizing these as your dining chairs, whether in a fabulous residential or commercial space? talk about wow.

design eye~candy for you this friday. you needed it didn't you? oh, me too! seriously, that made my day persuing purcell living's line of design goodness.

what are your weekend plans? i am heading to boston tomorow night (and afternoon actually) for a girls night out. we are sipping drinks in hotel lobbies, checking out this play, and staying overnight to see what kind of trouble we can get into. not really. well, sort of ;) leave a comment, tell me what you are up to, i'd love to hear...enjoy!

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Alan Beasly said...

His furniture looks amazing. Thanks for sharing.