Thursday, December 29, 2011

for the love of couture.

yesterday my son and i headed to one of our favorite places, the bookstore. whilst sipping coffee and perusing the pages of fine interior design magazines and books, i kept noticing that apparently yesterday anyway, i was drawn to fine things, very couture things. here are some of my current favorites!

artist emily johnson creates these amazingly ethereal lights out of bone china. the glowing simplicity of these tubes stops me and gets my heart beating...all at the same time. her site shows some amazing installations as well, here.

softly elegant yet with a modern twist, the hints of color throw the white off perfectly in these bodo for nikko plates offered by bodo sperlein.

i was drawn recently to genevieve bennett's bespoke leather wall treatments. luxurious beyond words...in the right space, residential or commercial, this is a conversation piece!

how fun and glam is this surprise surprise light, in the shape of a bow? yes it's a light! find it at rockett st. george.

i love what this shine stool by kaori aoi via innocent blue brings to any space.

i think what really stops me and gets me excited is noticing product and inspiration that comes from a different angle. inspiration that side swipes me and that is not predictable. these designers/artists and companies can do that, offer you to take a step back and think wow, i really can design in a different way. that i should design in a different way. why? because you can.

how about you friends? have you been drawn to anything out of the ordinary as of late? if so, i'd love to hear! how is your morning starting off? i'm off to a more energetic start than yesterday, it's freezing out, but the sun is out too, so that's a great start, enjoy!

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Style Dilettante said...

Love your pics! especially the leather wall (and the tufted sofa in the shot is pretty amazing too!)

How wonderful to have time to enjoy your favorite things with your son... I hope you have many more moments just like that!

Happy New Year!